History of Jerome Jamboree

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The Arizona Bus Club was formed back in 1991 and the first Jerome Jamboree was held that summer in Jerome, AZ. There was not a raffle bus the first or second year so that means the ABC has raffled off "TWENTY NINE" buses. This year is the 32nd raffle bus and currently being restored.

We are asking for the VW community's help in locating information and/or the current owners of past raffle buses. We have good information and pictures on buses from 2002-2014 but prior to 2001 there is not much for digital pictures or internet info on these buses and they may be enshrined in actual photographs tucked away in dusty old photo albums. Unfortunately…some of our past members have left us too soon and many of the others can't remember back that far so…hopefully this thread will bring back some memories and possibly even some past raffle buses.

Please….please…please…if you have any pictures or info on these buses to help fill in the blanks below and/or their current owners or whereabouts...we would really appreciate it. Send info or picture to theboard@azbusclub.org

JJ-I 1991: No Raffle Bus
JJ-II 1992: No Raffle Bus
JJ-III 1993: Was a 1956 "Surfer Bus" won by Casey Verberkmoes -NO PICTURES- Thanks for the update Branden, it seems this bus was cut up for parts in the late 90's…we will have a moment of silence at JJ for this one 
JJ-IV 1994: Was a 1964 Kombi won by Casey Verberkmoes -NO PICTURES-
JJ-V 1995: We have no info or pictures on this bus.                                                                                                  


JJ-VI 1996: Was a 1959 Double Door Panel "Romano's TV Bus" won by Kyle Rutkowski and now owned by Mike Wood. Bus is in Washington state.


JJ-VII 1997: Was a 1965 Kombi blue won by Cory Dillon. -NO PICTURES-
JJ-VIII 1998: Was a 1966 Camper walk thru pearl white. -NO INFO or PICTURES-

JJ-IX 1999: Was a 1965 Double Cab won by Frank & Wanda Greeorious.

JJ-X 2000: Was a 1960 Kombi brown & beige won by Jim Kauffman and sold to Daryl Pickney.

JJ-XI 2001: Was a 1962 Subhatch Westy won by Phlunky Phil of the VTO? -NO PICTURES

JJ-XII 2002: Was a 1966 Single Cab won by Keith Williams.

JJ-XIII 2003: Was a 1967 Deluxe green/white won by Jeanette Peterson, current owner Dan Smith.

JJ-XIV 2004: Was a 1966 EZ Camper dove blue, original condition, won by Devon O'Mara, current owner Eric O'Mara.

JJ-XV 2005: Was a 1962 Panel "Slow Poke" dove blue, won by Jennifer Kempton.

JJ-XVI 2006: Was a 1964 Standard, walk thru, "AZ License Plate Bus", won by Jay Rondeau and currently owned by: Jeremy Hatt.

JJ-XVII 2007: Was a 1963 Standard camper, Turkis Green "Elvis" won by Melissa & Jerry Jess. Current Owner: Bev and Wayne Olson.

JJ-XVIII 2008: Was a 1960 Euro Single Cab, Dove Blue, won by Richie Parrish.

JJ-XIX 2009: Was a 1965 Kombi Camper, Red/White, won by Richard Kimborough.

JJ-XX 2010: Was a 1966 Riviera pop-top, pearl white, won by Natalie!

JJ-XXI 2011: Was a 1966 Kombi, Velvet Green, won by Siggy Cordelier.

JJ-XXII 2012: Was a 1967 Standard, walk thru, blue/white, won by Earl Kester Earl has sold the bus to a Phoenix local.

JJ-XXIII 2013: Was a 1967 Riviera, Pearl White, won by Paul Jacques.

JJ-XXIV 2014: No info or picture

JJ-XXV 2015: Is a 1959 Panel - NO PICTURE

JJ-XXVI 2016 1962 Double Door Panel | Candice Piepho had the winning ticket and once confirmed, handed the ticket to Darla as a wedding gift. Darla and Magen got married the next weekend, by ABC's very own, Greg Pickrel. 

JJ-XXVII 2017 - 

JJVIII 2018 | Charlie Brown

JJ-XXX 2021 | Won by: Andrea Murphy

JJ-XXXI 2022 1973 Wild Westerner won by: Chance Pedersen | Sedona, AZ