Join us as we enter into a new era for our 33rd ABC Jamboree 
at the Playa Ponderosa, in Flagstaff, AZ.

This is a CASH ONLY event.

Directory of Information

Camping & Entrance Fees


Beginning June 1st, tickets will be available for our ABC Jamboree 33 using the Eventbrite link below. We are offering a $10 discount on the 3-Day Camping Ticket (only available June and July). August 1st the price will go up to $70. It should automatically give you the discount, however, if it doesn't, please use the code EarlyBird.

Our Eventbrite Link: (opens in a new tab)

Arrival Instructions: When you get to the Playa Ponderosa's main gate, you'll be directed to our ABC Check-point where you'll either show us your Eventbrite ticket (we'll also have a list of everyone who purchased pre-sell tickets) or pay your camping fee (cash only). Whether you purchased your ticket on Eventbrite or you're paying at the gate (again, cash only), you'll receive a registration card and an event wrist band (which you must wear at all times), along with our Schedule of Events, Rules of Conduct, and Grounds Map. Next step is to find your favorite spot to camp, setup your campsite, and fill out your registration card and return it to the ABC HQ/Registration Tent to receive your event magnet and sticker. While you're at it, check out our event t-shirts and swag!

Note:  RVs and Overlanders will be directed to a specific camping area (see our Jamboree Grounds Map below).

Jamboree Grounds Map

This map might be updated prior to our Jamboree in the event any changes or additions are needed.

Schedule of Events

Rules of Conduct

Gotta follow the rules!

Raffle Bus & Prizes

We're Looking for Jamboree Raffle Prizes!

Along with our Raffle Bus, we also raffle off smaller items. All raffle tickets purchased are used for both the smaller items and our main event, the Raffle Bus #33.

If you own a business and would like to donate something you think the VW community would like or could use, we would truly appreciate it. We will announce both businesses and individuals during the raffle and post everyone who makes In-Kind Donations on our Sponsor Page.

Our 33rd Jamboree Raffle Bus

1973 Riviera Camper with Air Conditioning

Wait! Air conditioning? Don't miss out on your chance to win this gem of a bus.

We are finished with the restoration. The Bus Club has worked hard putting in hours and hours of work restoring this year’s raffle bus, which, we have to say is a great-looking bus as you can see above and in all the pictures showing the progress we’ve made since day one. 

Raffle tickets can only be purchased at the event for $1 each.
Must be present and wearing an event wristband to win.
Anything less is a Deal-Breaker!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Print the Donation Letter and the Thank You Letter (pictured below) using this link Downloadable Files.
  2. Talk with businesses and give them the Donation Letter so they have our Non-Profit FEIN Number and more information about our event and charity (see examples below).
  3. If you receive a donation, complete the Thank You Letter and return it to them for their tax purposes.
  4. Make sure you have all their information (business card) including Business Name, Contact Person, Address, Phone Number, Email, and Value of the Item Donated so we can keep a good record of all donations.
  5. Contact us at to arrange a pick-up of the item(s). Or you can bring them to one of our
    General Meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month or one of our events prior to the Jamboree.

Any questions, please email us at with "Raffle Donation" in the subject line.

Here's a few examples of businesses and a list of cool stuff any VW enthusiast would LOVE!

Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, Auto Shops, Sports Stores, Tire Stores, Camping Stores, Store Gift Cards, etc. 

  • Vintage Air-Cooled VW stuff
  • Camping items (Blackstone griddles, Coleman stoves, coolers, portable chairs, canopies, lanterns, camping tables, and any camping gear)
  • Blaze Cut Fire Suppression, VW engine parts, tools, etc.
  • Air-conditioner and small swamp cooler
  • Thin Solar Panels and Portable Power Stations
  • Tires, rims (that fit buses or bugs)
  • Bicycles
  • Propane Fire pits
  • Shower Tents
  • Bus Eyes Cover
  • Slow Bus Magnets
  • Campsite Gift Certificates
  • Hotel/Resort Stays
  • Food Gift Certificates
  • Gift Certificates (in general)
  • You Name it, We'll Take it! (well, maybe not everything) 
  • Basically anything you think a VW enthusiast would love.
  • More ideas coming!

Raffle Prizes

We will be adding more Raffle Prizes. Check back periodically.

Donated by: GoWesty
(805) 528-7887
Thank you, GoWesty! 

Donated by: GoWesty
(805) 528-7887
Thank you, GoWesty! 

Donated by:
Donna & David Cissna

ABC Members, Anthem, AZ
Thank you, Donna & David! 

Donated by: Liberty Wildlife
Thank you Liberty Wildlife and
Brian Grimaldi for asking them!

Donated by: Bus Depot
Thank you, Bus Depot! 

Donated by: Bus Depot
Thank you, Bus Depot! 

Donated by: Bus Depot
Thank you, Bus Depot! 

Donated by:
Samantha York, 
Yuma, AZ
She owns a String Art Company
Thank you, Samantha! 

Donated by:
Westwood Vintage Designs

Monte & Montana Mealey
Thank you, Monte & Montana!

Donated by:
Grand Canyon Deer Farm

(928) 635-4073
10 Free Admissions
Thank you, G.C. Deer Farm! 

Donated by: Bearizona
(928) 635-2289
Free Carload Pass

Thank you, Bearizona! 


If you're interested in being a vendor on Vendor Row, please complete the Vendor Form

All vendors paying for Vendor Row will be listed here with images of their booth and/or what they sell.

Keep in mind that individuals are always welcome to sell/swap at their vehicle for no charge.

Food Trucks & Ice

Mad Honey Food Truck

Mad Honey Food Truck

Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Facebook Page

Owners: Scott & Chelsea Honey

Coffee on the Run

Coffee on the Run

Owner: Karen "Gert" Atkinson


Thursday, Sept. 19th @ 8pm

Star Gazing on the Playa

We're gathering at the boat on the Playa for star gazing (see the Jamboree Grounds Map). No city lights to distract us, just dark skies. So bring a chair or blanket and a nice cold refreshment, better yet, it might be a little chilly, so something hot may be the ticket, then... Lights Out!
Note: We're also working on rounding up a telescope.

Friday, Sept. 20th @ 7-10pm

70s & 80s Theme Night with DJ Rob & Costume Contest

Show off your best 70s or 80s attire and dance to songs that'll bring back the good old days.

Saturday, Sept. 21st @ 7pm

Big Chad & the Southern Gentlemen

Visit their website:

Visit their FaceBook page: bigchadrocks

We'll be rocking in the pines!


When is the Arizona Bus Club Jamboree?

Sept. 19-22, 2024

How much is it to camp?

How much is it to walk In?

$10 per person, under 18 is FREE (good for all three days).

How much are raffle tickets?

$1 - Don't forget you have to be wearing a valid event wristband and be present to win. Anything less is a DEAL BREAKER!

Do I need to be there to win?

Yes! You must be present and wearing a valid event wristband. Anything less is a DEAL BREAKER!

Do you accept credit cards?

NO, this is a cash-only event as the cell service is spotty. The food trucks might have credit card capability, but there's no guarantee, so plan on having cash on hand.

What year VWs are allowed in the main event?

All air-cooled VWs plus Vanagon's and Eurovans.

Are VW Class B allowed?

Yes, VW Rialtas and VW Vistas are allowed inside the main event.

Can I bring a pop-up trailer?

Yes. A small pop-up trailer will be charged as a vehicle, however, your vehicle will have to be parked at the General Admission/Day Use parking area. You will be allowed 20 minutes to drop off your pop-up trailer.

Can I bring a non-VW camper?

Yes, for a fee, but you will be outside the perimeter of the main campground.

Can I camp in my non-VW car?

No. There is no camping in the General Admission/Day Use parking area, however, tent camping is allowed for the same fee as a camping vehicle. See Entry Fees

Can non-VW's camp?

Yes, you can set up a tent, but your vehicle needs to be parked at the General Admission/Day Use Parking Area. There is no camping in the parking area, however, tent camping is allowed for the same fee as a camping vehicle. See Entry Fees

Can I camp under a tree in a tent?

Yes, but you will be charged the same fee as a camping vehicle. See Entry Fees

Can I camp with my friends as a group?

Sure, keep in mind tent camping is the same price as VW camping.

Will there be food vendors/trucks?

Yes, we will post all food vendors on the Jamboree page as they are confirmed. See who's confirmed so far here.

Will there be a bar or alcohol?

No, bring your own beverage.

Will there be ice available to purchase?


Are there showers available?


Is there water available?

Please bring your own water. There may be water bottles you can purchase from one of the food vendors, but we won't know until the food vendors are confirmed.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, but no motorized mini-bikes.

Can I bring a mini motor bike?


What is the weather like?

Currently, for that weekend, they're calling for 70s during the day and low 40's overnight. We'll update here as we get closer to the event.


Medstar Solutions

Website: Medstar.Solutions

(480) 269-4126

Enjoy the event and know that the Medstar medical staff will be  there the duration of the event for any illness or injury, no matter how small it might be.

We will also hand out their information and phone number to all attendees at the main gate.


There will be on-sight security.

T-Shirts & Swag

Information coming.

General Parking

For those visiting for the day, the entry fee is $10 per person, kids under 18 are FREE. You will park in the Day Use Parking area. See the Jamboree Grounds Map

Those with non-VW vehicles who want to camp in a tent will also park their vehicles in the Day Use Parking area. See Entry Fees for tent camping.

Directions & Map

Playa Ponderosa

4535 Forest Service 9410 Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

See our recommended Playa Ponderosa Map & Driving Directions 

Important! See directions in place of using your GPS. GPS will get you lost!

Note: We will have road signs to help direct you as you get closer to the event.

There are a few different routes into the Playa. The map below is our recommended route at this time. The Forest Service Roads 132 & 133 are dirt roads (approx. 13 total miles), but well maintained.

We will update on the other routes as we get closer to our event. 

Click image to enlarge