Raffle Bus Work Party - Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024

Published on 27 January 2024 at 21:25

Here's What we Accomplished

Yes, we feasted on Greta Heidner’s wonderful vegetarian and flesh-based chili along with cornbread from Sue Rice. Oh, let’s not forget the salad and chocolate cake (made by Clinton), but first, before we ate, we worked our fingers to the bone. In attendance today was Dave Cissna, Brian Grimaldi, Ed Lampinen, Bill Ross, John Manning, Laura Jacinto, Mark Peck and Russell Greene. Our youngest volunteer was Clinton who was a guest of Russell’s and was enthusiastic in his help. John, Brian and Dave, worked tirelessly sanding and prepping the pop top for upcoming fiberglass repair and painting. Mark drew the short straw and got the hardest job in cleaning the engine for upcoming painting. No, the engine did not get removed. He had to work bent over, head first scrubbing and 

cleaning. He did an exceptional job. Bill bead blasted the outside of the bus to get in the fine cracks. It made a mess, but it provided a good base to allow Dave, Laura, and Ed to fine tune the sanding and grinding. Clinton knocked off the inside rust with a drill-based wire wheel, and the group removed the windshield without any mishaps. The latter act uncovered a few new rust spots (not surprising) that have to be dealt with. We now have good access to the dash for a good cleaning and painting. The sliding door was removed by Bill, and we cleaned and greased the wheels and bearings so when it goes in, it will glide like it's on ice. Russell, didn’t do much today. He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off because he lacked the supervisor, Mike Baleda. The rest of the group got a lot done, but we still have 1 full day of everyone working to get all the parts ready for painting, and re-installation so if you want to join us, there will be a bus build party on 2/3/2024. The fun begins about 9-ish and lasts until about noon-ish. Lunch is about 11:30. However, you can come and leave when you want. Just beware though, if you come to work, you may go home with bony fingers and will likely need a nap. If you stay for lunch, you will also have a full belly. (See more pictures on the Raffle Bus #33 page.)

Author: Russell Greene

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