Raffle Bus Work - Week of Feb. 25 - Mar. 1, 2024

Published on 1 March 2024 at 20:05

A lot was accomplished!

  • Jim and Bill finished welding/grinding to smooth the patches on the front floor and cargo area floor.
  • Bill did a fantastic job stripping the bumpers.
  • Ed got the sound dampening in the body cavities.
  • Brian installed the stainless hardware and finished the luggage rack.  Looks great
  • Wayne painted the inside of the front doors and the sliding door.
  • Bill and Wayne installed the sliding door.
  • Wayne masked off all the windows from the inside to get it ready to paint.
  • Bill removed the seat backs so Wayne could paint the inside areas.
  • Brian and John worked on the fiberglass in the pop top.  

But things didn't stop on Saturday. A lot got done this week also.  

Wayne took the bumpers home and primed, sanded and finished them.  They look great. Then Wayne came back to Russell's twice and painted the area around the  windows with the VW Pastel White factory color.  He had to mask everything off and do all the prep work, too. Heroic effort. Thank you, Wayne.  

Then he came back later in the week and wet sanded the entire bottom section, prepping it for the VW Chianti Red factory color. Lots of work!  The plan right now is to paint the red next Wednesday!!

I was working on the inside of the pop top so I wasn't much help for Wayne at all. Primed the very rough looking fiberglass areas one day and then came back the next to do the finish coat. Doesn't look too bad. Also painted the dash defroster plastic vents, got the subfloor cut yesterday, and will do a test fit today.

Today I'll drill the holes to accommodate the passenger rear side marker. Glad I waited until I had the new marker bulb base in hand. It kept me from drilling incorrectly.

So A LOT got done. Thank you all for your efforts and for your support. This group is doing so much so well! We are all so grateful to you.

See you in Yuma!

Author: John Manning

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