Spellman Hardwoods Supports ABC

Published on 1 February 2024 at 19:06

What a great place. If you haven’t been, and you need wood for a project, you should check this place out. I spoke to Tom (the head there) about ABC and their mission. He pulled up our website, and he could see the raffle bus being worked on. He agreed to tremendously discount the lumber needed, in an effort to help our cause.

Today, Wayne came by to prep the body, now that Phil has repaired the holes in the body. Wayne was on a mission to get body looking great, but he took the time to answer our numerous questions. He got most of the outside dents sanded and primed. John worked on grinding and smoothing out some of the weld spots. He was limited, because the compressor just wasn’t strong enough. Greg and John supervised and shook their heads, as Russell made his usual basic wood-working errors. They then got him on track as Mark and Russell cut the ¾ inch plywood from Spellman’s for the upper bed. This now needs to be lightly sanded, stained and have a coat or two of Varathane before it is installed.

John received the lift springs and bearings for the pop top from Salim at Country Homes and Campers. They have been great to work with and also generous in their support. They sent brand new springs and bearings. They actually roll like they are supposed to-imagine that! This top will hopefully raise and lower with a pinky!

There will be lots to do this Saturday (rain or shine). We may end up being inside the garage if it is raining. Lots of cleaning needs to be done, in preparation for the upcoming painting. Also, taping off needs to be done. The dash needs to come out, so it can be sanded and painted. The steel rails for the top need to be prepped. The engine needs to be prepped and painted. Also, the windows and metal braces that have been removed need to be cleaned and prepped, in preparation for re-installation. So, there are enough projects to last a few weeks, unless we have many eager volunteers. It will go quicker, the more working volunteers we have. So, if you have time and want to work your fingers to the bone, come get bony fingers. We will start at 9 am and lunch will be at 11:30 ish. Greta may be out of town, so the lunch may not be as delicious as usual, but Russell will whip up something edible. It may be frozen pizza heated up.  Which, of course, will include pineapple. 😊

Author: Russell Greene

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